Vat dyes

(1) Liquid Indigo Blue 30% (Paste)


Product Name Liquid Indigo Blue
Chemical Name Liquid Indigo Blue Dye
Application/Grade Industrial
Physical Form Liquid
Purity 30%
Type Basic Dye
ODOUR Product specific
Solidifying <-6C
Boiling Range From 100 C
Flash Point 100 C
Density 23335-1232 G/CNS (20 C}
Solubility in Water HIGHLY SOLUBLE
Colour Blue
Packing Packed in Carboy,


Important Information
  • The dye is converted into leuco form with caustic soda and sodium hydrosulphite in soft water.
  • The dyeing is carried out in the reduced exposed to air. By oxidation the dye slowly changes into blue on the fabric.
  • The dyed material has good fastness to light and wash.
  • Rubbing fastness is reasonably good.
vat dyes

(2) Vat Indigo blue 94% granular

  • It is dark blue in color. It is insoluble in water and organic solvents, i.e., aether and ethanol. But, it is soluble in phthalic anhydride and aniline.
  • Its appearance is dark blue uniform granule.
  • It is used to dye cotton fiber. Indigo blue is used to make “cowboy” type clothes.
  • It can be used to dye white and longitudinal yarn interweaving; it can be used with sulfurated coloring matter.
  • It is widely used in food colouring matter as well as biochemistry.

(3) Vat Indigo Blue 60% Grains

  • For effortless/ready use, the reduced vat indigo blue 60% grains (above) can be used.
vat dyes